Welcome to Dvelup Automotive Reconditioning Products

Our website consist of products for the Car Care Reconditioning Industry. We sell applications for paint, scratch repair, headlight restoration, faded trim restore, touch up pens, tools, maintenance, odor prevention, ceramic wax, car wash products and more. As a distributor we offer Private Label, Private Brand, with guaranteed product that works.

What We do.

From start to finish Dvelup has control of it’s processes and products for the ultimate success of your business.













Our products and process are different.

  • We update our process to the design and materials used in the most current vehicles in the market today.
  • Our products and processes produce quality results and save you time and money.
  • Our products are formulated to do the work for you and increase your profits.
  • Our “Wipe On” products are all formulated from raw material and made in the USA.
  • Our products improve the appearance of vehicles.
  • We provide Free Perks for our customers.

Why Choose DVELUP ?

  • Our products are recognized as superior products with better end results compared to our competitors.
  • We explain how much cost is involved and your profits on our profit and cost page.
  • We don’t just tell you, we show you with our “How To Videos”.
  • We have instructions and demos right on our website.
  • We provide updated information of the real market.
  • We provide customer support and tech support.

Who do we sell to?

  • We sell to detailers, distributors, vendors, car wash, wholesalers and retail.
  • Most of all we care about your success using Dvelup Reconditioning Products.
  • We have designed our website and products with you in mind.

What We offer.

Dvelup offers a wide range of products and support. Click on a category below for more information on our areas of expertise.