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Dvelup at a glance

At Dvelup, we manufacture a wide variety of automotive products and processes that help our customers achieve the best possible appearance for their chip repair, headlight restoration or interior repair to name a few. Simply put, we provide the best quality and innovative processes around. What sets us apart from the rest? Some would argue that it is the process itself that makes the difference, but actually, it is the chemical compounds that make up our products. We remove the effort needed to tackle these jobs by making our state of the art chemicals do the work for you.
We consistently update our process to adapt to the ever changing conditions and materials used in vehicles today. With the Economic situation as it is, we know that it is affecting many drivers causing them to keep their vehicles longer. Everyone knows that a well maintained car makes your car last longer as well as making it safer to drive so it makes even more sense to offer reconditioning services.
If you are an individual and are looking to buy our products for your personal ride don't panic, while this site is tailored for our business partners we certainly can help you get on the right path. Simply select the contact us page and fill out the form. One of our Customer Service representatives will be in touch with you shortly or feel free to visit and purchase from our online store.

Headlight Restoration

Headlight Restoration is still a quickly growing business. Because of this it is an excellent time for entrepreneurs to come on board. The Dvelup Headlight Restoration System is not just another headlight restoration kit it is a quick to master low cost start up that has a great profit margin. For more details please see our Headlight Restoration Product Information page which can quickly help you see the costs as well as the revenue potential.

Paint Chip and Scratch Repair

While there are many shops out there that repaint vehicles, our Paint Chip and Scratch Repair processes make a very cost effective alternative which makes this a highly sought after business opportunity. Let us show you how you can start your own business doing chip and scratch repairs. For those already in the Auto Reconditioning business you can utilize Dvelup's products along side of your own Repair tints for improved results and quicker repairs. Let us show you how on our Scratch Repair Products can help you. We have also added a few examples of how you can profit from offering this service.

Dvelup's Color Enhancer

Dvelup's Color Enhancer not only assists in chip and scratch repair but can effectively restore faded plastics such as textured bumpers, mirrors and trim regardless of color. Our Color Enhancer is a permanent product not like other wipe and wash off products. We know that you have been sitting at a red light and next to you pulls up a Jeep Wrangler. It is fairly new but you look at the plastic bumper guards which look so faded that it looks like they had been made that way. That is the effects of our sun. Our Color Enhancer product can add that luster back to those faded guards without much effort. The good news doesn't stop there. We also have a Color Enhancer for paint as well, to find out more information about color enhancer and color nu products please visit the Color Enhancer page for details.

Dvelup's Testimonials

Take a look at what our customers are saying about our products. Testimonials

We once again welcome you to our site, and if we can be of service to you, please let us know and one of our very experienced sales team will be more than happy to assist you.

Dvelup On Your Phone

Scan with your Droid or iPhone to see our site on your phone. We have completed optimizing our site for iPhone and Droid users. Using your barcode scanner, scan the image on the left to automatially go to the site. Note: You may have to adjust the distance of your phone from the screen to get an accurate reading. during testing our phone was about 1 foot from the screen. Also some screen resolutions could interfere with this process. If you don't have a barcode readers can be downloaded from your iPhone and Droid markets.
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